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Everything you need to know about studio apartments

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What is a studio apartment and how is it different from other configurations, in terms of its size, price, merits and demerits? We examine…

Studio apartments are increasingly becoming popular, because of their comparative affordability. We look at studio apartments’ meaning and the factors that contribute towards its popularity in India.

What is a studio apartment configuration?

Studio apartments have a living space, a bed space, a kitchen and bathing space. Some studio apartments have partial walls, in order to create a demarcation. For example, if the guests come in, you will have some privacy, if there is a wall.

studio apartment configuration

studio apartment configuration

Size of studio apartments

Studio apartments or ‘efficiency apartments’, work on the principle of effective space utilisation. Hence, you will see minimum barriers in the form of walls and space demarcation. It usually has an open floor plan but this may vary, depending upon the city or the locality. For example, a one-room and kitchen (1RK) house is also marketed as a studio apartment, because there is no seemingly definite distinction between the two. The size of such apartments varies from 250-700 sq ft, depending on the brand of the developer, demand for the same, location, etc.

Size of studio apartments

Size of studio apartments

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Price of studio apartment

Studio apartments come in various price brackets and are usually found in cities, as it is intended for urban home buyers. In upcoming locations, 1RK configurations are the alternative and are often purchased, because of its affordability. In the city centre or strategic locations, such studio apartments may cost up to Rs 1 crore. In upcoming locations, the price of such apartments may touch Rs 25 lakhs.

Price of studio apartment

Price of studio apartment

Who should consider a studio apartment?

Studio apartments are popular among both, tenants and home buyers. It is best suited for single working professionals, or people staying alone. Paucity of funds may force small families to opt for studio apartments. Those looking at rental returns, can also consider purchasing studio apartments. In cities like Mumbai, Delhi or Bengaluru, a studio apartment in an established location can fetch good returns.

Difference between 1BHK and studio apartments

Most people tend to use the terms 1BHK and studio apartment interchangeably. However, here is the difference between the two. 1BHK units provide a room, a kitchen, hall space and a bathroom and each of these is separate, with adequate demarcation. A studio apartment is basically a single large room and the one who occupies the place, will have to allocate space for everything within this large room.

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Benefits of a studio apartment

Although studio apartments are small, it offers several benefits for tenants and owners.

  • As studio apartments are space-efficient, these are best suited for single dwellers.
  • Lower electricity bills, because energy consumption is lesser.
  • Affordable, as compared to other configurations.
  • Low maintenance.

Drawbacks of a studio apartment

While studio apartments are popular, there are some factors you should consider, before investing in one.

  • Not suited for bigger families.
  • Limited space; no clear demarcation.
  • Requires additional storage space.
  • Lack of privacy, in case you have guests coming over.

Studio apartments around the world

These space-efficient homes are popular, not just in India but around the world and may be known by other names. Here’s a list:

Country Other names of studio apartments 
Argentina Monoambiente
Brazil Quitinete
Canada Bachelor apartment/ bachelor
Czech Republic Garsoniéra
Denmark 1 værelses lejlighed
Germany Einzimmerwohnungen
Italy Monolocale
Jamaica Quads
Japan One-room mansion
Kenya Bed-sitter
New Zealand Studio rooms
Nigeria Room self-contain apartments
North Macedonia Garsonjera
Norway 1-roms leilighet
Portugal T0 (T-Zero)
Poland Kawalerka
Romania Garsonieră
Slovakia Garsoniéra
South Korea Officetels
Sweden Etta
United Kingdom Bedsit
United States Studio apartment/ alcove studio


Are studio apartments in India expensive?

Just like any other configuration or format, the price of a studio apartment also depends upon its location, demand, brand of the developer, connectivity and other factors. In centrally located areas, studio apartments may be expensive.

Are studio apartments and bachelor pads the same?

A bachelor’s pad is a term used for a living space owned by a bachelor.

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