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6 Incredible wall decor ideas for your home

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These 6 refreshing wall decor ideas are bound to add a touch of glamour to your wall decoration.

No home is complete without a personal touch, and a wall photo decoration is the best way to add your unique touch to your home. It’s time to leave those plain photo decorations behind and use them as your canvas to make your home just as quirky as you are.

These 6 refreshing wall decor ideas are bound to add a touch of glamour to your wall decoration. Imagination doesn’t have any bounds, neither shouldn’t your wall decorations! So, if you’re ready to give your home the splash of colour it needs, keep reading.

wall decoration ideas at home

Accent walls

accent wall

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Long gone are the days when all four walls in a room had to be of the same colour. Make use of an accent wall by painting one of the walls a complementary colour to the rest of the room to bring out a sense of uniformity in the room. You can even incorporate stencils, wallpapers, a bright and bold colour, or unique paint techniques. Take cues from the wall decoration photo below.

Large framed paintings

What better way to personalise your walls than to put up a beautiful painting or a piece of art on your walls that represent you? You can even put up your favourite family photo to make it the perfect family home. A wall photo decoration invokes a gravitational pull of its own, thus making it a focal point in the room, so make sure to choose your decor carefully. Wall decor with photo frames will definitely add a touch of nostalgia to your wall decorations.

large framed painting

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Macrame wall hangings

Macrame wall hangings are all the trends for wall decor ideas right now. Extremely easy to do yourself, the macrame art pieces are one of the most inexpensive ways to jazz up your wall decorations without making them look too tacky.

wall hanging

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Wall decoration with photos

If you’re not too confident about a single piece, you can instead opt for multiple pieces of art and create a collage of them. You can either curate creative art pieces or photos of your choice for wall decor with photo frames. Place the photo decorations in an asymmetrical display grid to bring about a sense of elegance on your walls.

photo wall

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Wall decals or mural

If you are one for a more neutral, minimalist approach, we suggest you look into wall murals and minimal design wallpapers. They can help elevate the room’s wall decorations without drawing too much attention.

wall decal

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Wall mouldings

Wall mouldings are yet another way of adding distinctiveness to your wall decorations without it being too much. There are a lot of ways you can go about adding wall moulds, such as fluting, cove, crown, batten, baseboard and more.

wall moulding

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