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Best Vastu Shastra tips for interior décor

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Vastu Shastra norms are not only important for the construction and direction of various rooms in a house, but also for the interior décor of a completed house. We examine a few basic dos and don’ts
Many people believe that Vastu Shastra only pertains to the design and construction aspects of a property. However, the truth is that it is as much applicable to the interior décor of homes. Even if your home is constructed as per Vastu norms, but you have ignored Vastu for interiors, then, it could create an imbalance in the overall Vastu of that property.
“Vastu plays a key role in the interiors of a home. It is believed that the arrangement of the interiors, will have an impact on the people living in the house. Based on the arrangements, positive and negative energies are developed, affecting the inhabitants. In today’s cramped urban scenarios, it is not always possible to decorate the interiors according to Vastu. Therefore, small changes can be made with the accessories, colors, and furniture of the house, to make it Vastu compliant,” says Sandesh Dhanraj, founder and CEO of Noah interiors.

So, while planning, one should ideally consult a Vastu expert, who can chart out the positioning of various elements, to bring health, prosperity, and harmony.

Impact of interior arrangement on Vastu

Experts point out that interior décor elements, like the color of the wall, entrance of the house, positioning of the furniture, and placement of the temple, are some of the prime considerations. Vikash Sethi, promoter and CEO of A2ZVastu.com explains that “The interior arrangement of a house, impacts the Vastu of a property in the following ways:

  • The position of the kitchen is related to the health and wealth of the family.
  • The interiors of a bedroom impact the health, career, and personal life, of people who live in it.
  • The position of the pooja room impacts prosperity and peace in the house.
  • The placement of mirrors at various places in the house may impact health and happiness.
  • The position of furniture can impact the balance of energy, thus, affecting health and mental peace.
  • Correct placement of water is very important, to maintain good health and hygiene.
  • The choice of various colors for various sections in the house can also have a specific impact.”

How to comply with Vastu norms, when setting the interiors

The interior design comprises everything inside a house – from the windows, entrance, and walls, to colors and texture. Vastu principles aim to establish harmony by using the five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space. It is believed that if the furniture, accessories, and interiors are arranged according to Vastu Shastra, then, it will usher prosperity, health, and welfare into the household. Each room has eight directions. So, one must be aware of designing the interiors in such a way that they follow the rules of Vastu, in order to sync with the elements. One such norm is that the entrance of the house should be in the east. This is because the sun rises in the east and hence, opens the door for light and positivity in the household. Also, according to Vastu, every color has a negative and positive effects.

Here are a few other important interior-related Vastu tips, for home occupiers:

  • Avoid using black colour furniture and tiles in the kitchen
  • Let the reading / studying direction be east-facing.
  • One can sleep in any direction, except north.
  • Avoid dim lights anywhere in the home.
  • Keep the north-east corner clean and tidy.
  • Avoid facing a mirror while sleeping or sitting.

Vastu compliant artwork at home to enhance interior décor

According to Vastu Shastra, the water element is related to the north-east direction. Keep soothing water paintings in this zone, to attract wealth and good fortune. Never keep water paintings in the bedroom. Avoid paintings that depict scenes of war, sadness, or hopelessness.

Paintings or pictures in the bedroom should always display a pair of objects. A single object is a sign of loneliness. Hang or display a beautiful pair of swans, parrots, deer figurines, or paintings of couples enjoying each other’s company.

According to Vastu, decorate the interiors of south and south-west walls with paintings of tall buildings or rocky mountains, as this is believed to improve the quality of the earth element and bring luck.

Vastu tips to decorate home interiors with plants

Green plants make the home relaxing and add positivity. Tulsi, the sacred plant, is said to bring prosperity to all in the house and it needs plenty of sunshine to thrive. According to Vastu Shastra, this plant should be placed in the north-east, east, or north.

As per Vastu, the money plant is an auspicious indoor plant, which can add to the interior’s beauty, as well as attract positive energy. Money plants should be kept in the southeast corner of the room for attracting luck and prosperity. Decorate the interiors of the home by keeping money plants in colorful bottles or creating a green vertical wall with his creeper. The money plant should not be kept outside, as per Vastu Shastra.

According to Vastu Shastra, the bamboo plant keeps negative energies away and restores balance. It should be placed in the east or south-east direction. Other auspicious plants are jade, jasmine, and peace lily that can be kept at home for good luck.

Vastu lighting tips for interior decor

  • For a Vastu-compliant interior decoration, proper lighting is a must. Ensure that the home has plenty of natural light. In case there is a broken light or fused bulb, change or repair it immediately. The main door should always be well illuminated.
  • Floor and table lamps should have enough shades to prevent glare and harsh lights in the living room.
  • According to Vastu, the kitchen should have uniform lighting and minimum shadows. When designing the interiors of the kitchen, provide lighting inside the storage area and the pantry too.
  • The maximum number of light fixtures should be on the north or east walls, as it brings good luck.
  • Place spotlights in the south zone, to boost career prospects.
  • To illuminate your home in style, add candles in the south or southwest zone. This corner is believed to give positive energy.
  • Placing a spotlight over a family picture on the southwest wall is believed to bring good luck and keep the family healthy.


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