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What is a ground in real estate?

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Ground, a local land measurement unit, is used in the southern part of India

Even though the use of globally-accepted land measurement units has become prominent in the urban sphere, the usage of more local units is still popular in rural parts of India. One among such land measurement units is ‘ground’.

Ground as a land measurement unit

The ground used to be among the land measurement units popular in southern and some central parts of India. However, it is most often used in the rural parts of Tamil Nadu.

Apart from the ground, cent, ankanam, and guntha are some of the other popular land measurement units, which are frequently used in various parts of south India. Amid the growing use of international measurement units, the use of ground is largely being replaced by the more common land measurement units.

Ground conversion

Considered the oldest unit of area measurement, one ground is commonly considered as large as 2,400 square feet (sq ft). Typically, the ground is first divided into different plots and then, further into layouts, for building construction purposes. These layouts are then defined in sq ft, as well as ground terms.

Convert ground to square feet

Often used in Maharashtra, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, one ground is also considered equal to about 203 sq meters (sq mt) in Mumbai. In Kerala, it is equal to about 222.967 sq meters.

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Also, one acre is equal to 18.15 grounds and one cent is equal to 0.18 ground.

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Before the 20th century, when the international units of land measurement started gaining popularity in India, half-a-ground space in some Indian states was used to build small individual homes, especially in tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

In rural areas of states, where the unit has been traditionally used, it is still used for land measurement purposes.

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