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Vastu tips for keeping Lord Ganesha at home

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We look at the Vastu Shastra guidelines that you should follow while placing Ganesha images and idols at home.

If you are aiming to bring immense positivity and luck to your home, there could be nothing better than opting for a Ganpati idol. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is considered a symbol of happiness and joy. He is also known as the protector of households and Ganesha images and idols are often kept near the main door, to protect the occupants from evil energies. However, it is important to place the Ganesha idol at the right place, according to Vastu Shastra.

Where to place Ganesha images at home?

According to Vastu experts, the west, the north and the north-east direction, are the best places to keep Ganesh idols at home. Remember, all Ganesha images should face the north direction, as it is believed that Lord Shiva lives here. You can also keep the Ganesha murti at the main door, facing inside. If you are placing Ganesha images, it should face the main entrance of the home. Do not place the Ganesha idol in the south direction.

Avoid these places for keeping Ganesha idols

According to Vastu experts, you should not keep the Ganesh murti in the bedroom, garage or laundry area. It should not be placed under staircases or near bathrooms. Since the garage or car parking area is considered a vacant area, it is unlucky to place any god in this part of the home. Also, there are a lot of negative energies below staircases which is not suitable for placing any Vastu item.

What colour Ganesha idol is good for home?

According to Vastu Shastra, a white colour Ganesha idol is the perfect choice for occupants who are seeking peace and prosperity. You can also choose white Ganesha images. Those who are desirous of self-growth should opt for vermillion-coloured Ganesh murti.

Which type of Ganesh idol is good for home?


Ideally, the Ganesha image or idol in lalitasana is considered the best. This is also known as sitting Ganesha as it represents a state of calm and peace. Other than this, Ganesh photos in reclining positions are also considered very lucky as it represents luxury, comfort and wealth.

Direction of trunk

As per Vastu, the trunk of the Ganesha idol should be tilted towards the left, as this represents success and positivity. It is believed that a trunk tilted towards the right represents a hard-to-please attitude.

Modak and mouse

When buying a Ganpati photo or idol for your home, make sure a modak and mouse are part of the structure. This is because the mouse is considered as His vehicle while the modak is considered His favourite sweet.

Significance of Ganesh murti

A Ganesh murti is a symbol of perfect life which teaches important principles such as:

  • Bighead to think big.
  • Large ears to listen carefully.
  • Tiny eyes to concentrate.
  • Smallmouth to speak less.
  • One tusk to retain only goodness.
  • A long trunk to stay adaptable.
  • Big belly to digest good and bad.

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