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Tenant-landlord relationship: A quick guide

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A tenant and a landlord have a symbiotic relationship. While the tenant expects attention to his queries and needs, the landlord wants his property to be safe and the rent to be paid on time by the tenant. We take a look at how a tenant and an owner can work towards maintaining a healthy relationship and navigating through issues that both sides may face.

Tenant relationship tips for a landlord

Communication is the key


Every tenant expects safety. Any request related to the safety of the tenant must be considered. “When we moved into our 3-BHK house on the 5th floor of a building, there were no grills. With small children, this was a matter of concern. Our landlord readily agreed to get them installed and put a safety door in front of the main door. With timely attention to our requests, we share a good bond with our landlord and have been staying in this apartment for the last 6 years,” says Preeti Singh, a tenant living in Navi Mumbai.

Retain tenant relationship

Once comfortable with the tenant, any landlord should work toward maintaining a good relationship with the tenant, even providing incentives like granting a longer duration of rental tenure for the same rental price. This is important because frequently changing your tenants would mean painting the house and making changes as required by the new tenant. You may also run into the risk of leaving the property vacant for a long time, which could be financially damaging. If you share a good relationship with your tenant, he may refer new tenants for your property while vacating, saving you the hassle of looking for tenants.

Priority to tenant needs

While shifting into your property, a tenant may ask you for some changes in the apartment to suit their needs. If it is not an unfair demand, a landlord should comply for a long-lasting relationship. Any changes incorporated may only benefit the property in the long run. “In the home that we were planning to move to we had an issue with the washroom. With senior citizens at home, we wanted to get the washrooms converted for convenience purposes. Our landlord was very understanding and sanctioned the conversion, and also put railings in the bathrooms to avoid any accident,” says Kishore Iyer, a tenant in Bangalore.

Encourage positive experience

Note that markets fluctuate. While it currently may be a landlord-friendly market (with heavy demand and high rentals), it can become a tenant-friendly market (with heavy supply). A bitter experience may turn the table. So, a landlord should always ensure that a tenant doesn’t have a bad experience while staying on his property. Try to address problems and if you are not on the same page as your tenant, convey it properly.

Landlord relationship tips for tenant

As mentioned above, a tenant should also take responsibility so that the relationship with the landlord is maintained. Here are points that the tenant should take care of. 

Pay your rent on time

The primary reason for the relationship between a tenant and a landlord is because the tenant will be paying rent to the landlord. Any delay in paying the rent will lead to problems in the agreement. Always pay the rent on time. Before moving in, pay the agreed security deposit.

Maintain the property well

While you may not own the property, as a tenant, you are responsible for maintaining the property. Do not break anything in the house that will be a big loss for the landlord. Also, ensure that the property is handed over the same way as it was given to you.

Handle small repairs on your own

Although the house belongs to the landlord, you as the tenant are responsible for the wear and tear in the house. If there is any small issue like a tap leak, a broken doorknob or an electrical problem attend to it yourself instead of disturbing the landlord. Approach the landlord only in case of big repairs like leakage or wiring faults.

Inform your landlord if you have pets

A tenant should inform the landlord of pets or plans of adopting pets before signing the agreement. Your landlord must be aware of it as there may be societies that don’t prefer having pets in the vicinity.

Behave well with your neighbors

It’s your responsibility as a tenant to behave well in the apartment complex. Do not get into arguments and adhere to the rules of the housing society. Do not indulge in any illegal activities that may result in forcing you to vacate the property. No building tolerates anti-social behavior and can ask a tenant to vacate without prior notice and with immediate effect.


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