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Skyibaner 5-Maidan

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FIVE by SKYi represents projects in the luxury portfolio of SKYi. Set in prime locations, they feature state-of-the-art amenities, luxurious material palettes, and spacious floor plans. They are a cut above the rest and designed to elevate each of your five senses to create a delightful sensorial experience.

An exclusive collection of premium and spacious 4-bedroom homes that offer a contemporary take to the overall surrounding. Set against the backdrop of swaying greens and verdant hills, 5 adds an enchanting charm and a distinct yet subtle grandeur while blending in with the larger landscape.

The Maidan is the centerpiece around which 5 Maidan is created. Offering multiple play courts, fresh air, greenery, abundant space, and lots more, the maidan will be where the community at 5 bonds with the neighborhood.

The project is a celebration of nature, intricate craftsmanship, meticulous planning, and high-quality robust materials. The distinctive and uncomplicated facade that opens up to stunning views of the city and the park while allowing in ample sunlight throughout the day is like witnessing a dance of modern architecture on the tunes of natural elements – all synchronized
into a harmonious piece of elegance, serendipity, and sustainable luxury.

What we offer at 5 by SKYi are experiences and memories that will be cherished. And that, for us, is lifestyle redefined and living reimagined.

For more details visit – https://skyibaner-5maidan.com/

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