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Real Estate Online To Increase Leads

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According to Google, more than fifty per cent of real estate purchase decisions are influenced by internet research. This paradox is not only present in the metros, but also in towns and small cities and with this rate this will take over the market research in the coming years. Indians are now becoming comfortable of making big-bucks deals online. This trend takes the realty into consideration and it shows a very good improvement in the leads and sales being generated through this internet market.

For real estate selling, where all the marketing is directed towards generating leads, than on direct conversion. This is a true fact, which gives businesses with high values and prospects, a platform to reach and convert as current buyers or as potential buyers for future projects.

The new generation buyers are the one glued to their smart-phones, tablets and laptops, who are always finding ways to know more about it, before buying any specific property. Be it anything, everything today is present on the internet. It’s more of a “Pull marketing” than the push that seems to be working now.

Digital Marketing is way more cost effective as well as targeted and measurable. Both the online adds and social media reaches to the specified audience are measurable and accounted for creating awareness and generating more leads. Generating leads is not done, buying a property involves high value purchase so to create an emotional connect on a one to one basis is very important. This in turn creates a brand image that understands the sentiments of the buyers.

With Digital India, coming years will see each and everything going online because it provides a platform to get everything about anything with just a click.

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