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Popular crockery unit design ideas for your home

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Check out these crockery unit designs to organize your kitchen or dining room and elevate the overall look of your home
Take a look at these interesting crockery unit designs, to display your expensive collection of crockery sets. Pick the one that complements your home’s overall décor theme.

Glass crockery unit design

Cabinet units with glass fronts have been popular for decades. Install kitchen cabinets with glass doors that make for a beautiful crockery display. Modern crockery cabinets are sleek and sophisticated and make a style statement when placed in the dining room or kitchen.

Crockery unit

The units can be frameless or designed with mosaics. It can also include sliding doors. You can add luxury lighting fixtures, to illuminate the cabinets.

Crockery unit design

Crockery unit with engineered wood

A typical wooden crockery cabinet with a glass door can be a vintage addition to your living or dining room. However, modern crockery cabinets are designed with engineered wood like plywood, particleboard, or MDF that look perfect for contemporary homes.

Crockery cabinet
Popular crockery unit design ideas for your home

You can choose from a plethora of wooden crockery cabinets with the most alluring designs and plush finishes. Pick a customised unit with several compartments, racks and drawers, to provide ample space for displaying your kitchenware.

Crockery almirah

Crockery cabinet with bar counter

Having a crockery unit with a bar can help create a focal point in the house. Customize the design as per your choice and enhance the décor of the space, by including contemporary lighting fixtures for that perfect ambiance.

Popular crockery unit design ideas for your home

Modular crockery shelf

Modular storage units can be a practical solution to organize a kitchen space. They are customizable and allow ample storage space for different types of crockery. Select a design that blends with the room interiors. The design can include a combination of open and closed doors.

Crockery shelf

Open-shelved crockery unit

If minimalism is what you want for your kitchen or dining room, opt for an open-shelved unit. You can pick a simple design like a wooden back panel with planks providing space for storage. Bring a modern twist to the traditional open shelves design by choosing plants with reducing the length. Match the décor by adding a classic wooden dining table and chairs.

Crockery shelf

Corner crockery almirah

Corner storage cabinets are excellent furniture units that can elevate the décor quotient of any room. Transform an unused corner of your kitchen or dining room by adding a free-standing corner storage unit. Pick a contemporary design with subtle lighting, which works best for modern apartments.

Crockery almirah

You can also pick a floating unit to protect the crockery sets from toppling over, especially if you have pets and kids at home.

Popular crockery unit design ideas for your home

Crockery cupboard in the dining area

Built-in crockery cabinet

Choose built-in cabinets for your dining room or kitchen space. These cabinet designs can be made with glass or wooden shutters, depending on your personal style.

Crockery cupboard

The enclosed crockery unit matches well with the overall décor of the room, comprising of a traditional wooden dining table and ambient lighting to add a sense of sophistication to the space.

Popular crockery unit design ideas for your home

Wooden sideboards for crockery

Sideboards are ideal for the dining space and provide storage space to display your luxury crockery sets. Choose a sideboard unit designed with solid wood that can lend a classic look to the dining room. The open space at the top of the cabinet provides additional space for displaying décor items.

Popular crockery unit design ideas for your home

Crockery units as a room partition

For open floor plans or studio apartments, crockery cabinets can work as a divider wall, to separate the living room and the dining space. Pick a wall-to-ceiling cabinet with veneer paneling that would enhance the aesthetic appeal of your apartment.

Popular crockery unit design ideas for your home

Kitchen crockery cabinet

Wall-mounted crockery unit

Wall-mounted cabinets are perfect for compact houses as they do not occupy any floor space. These cabinets are available in a huge variety of designs and sizes and it can be customised to match the décor theme of your kitchen while creating enough space for all the crockery. These crockery units are also suitable for living or dining rooms.

Popular crockery unit design ideas for your home

Multi-functional cabinet for crockery display

For a small kitchen, homeowners may find it difficult to create additional space for a crockery unit. Adding a multi-functional cabinet is among the numerous ways to organize a small kitchen. It not only saves space but also fulfills various purposes. The cabinet can be utilized as a buffet-cum-cabinet unit.

Popular crockery unit design ideas for your home


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