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How real estate marketing changed in 2020

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Here’s how real estate marketing changed in the year 2020 and what to expect in the near future

The year 2020 brought unprecedented challenges for the real estate sector in India, as well as around the world. The slow pace of digitization gathered steam in just a few months and this trend seems irreversible now. Home-buying decisions are now being taken over Zoom calls, inventory selection is now available online and site-visits are truly virtual these days. In this scenario, one thing that has changed completely is marketing. The way to entice, inform, and convince home buyers has become digital. For a market like India, where the trust deficit is high, especially in Noida and Gurgaon, investors are now open to shopping for their dream home online. All this can be attributed to successful marketing strategies, devised by some of the biggest real estate brands in India. Here is a look at how real estate marketing changed in the year 2020 and what to expect in the future.

Knowledge-led marketing

In the pre-COVID-19 era, the term ‘knowledge-led marketing’ was almost non-existent, as the buyers used to rely on advice from friends and family who have been in similar situations or bought a house recently. However, the new normal shifted the onus on to the brands, to educate home buyers about the property market and all things related. From knowledge-based webinars to creating useful content through blogs and YouTube videos, this seemed to be the most cost-effective way to generate leads for real estate companies and to establish themselves as thought leaders in the market.

Social media marketing 2.0

As many people switched to remote working, the time spent online increased considerably. Real estate brands took this opportunity to increase their social media presence, by spending on social media ads and also creating more content for their feeds. While face-to-face interactions were not happening, people found help on social media, which not only improved brand awareness but helped these companies to connect with their prospective customers in a more personal way. Moreover, many brands also kept their audience busy with online quizzes, competition, and other engagements, to understand their journey in home buying and to place them correctly in the marketing funnel. These fun ways were also used to announce their latest product offerings and increase the brand’s retention value, as compared to other marketing techniques.

Email marketing revamped

As people got used to the new normal, following the Coronavirus pandemic, email marketing remained one of the most useful ways for real estate marketers, to send regular updates about investment opportunities, to their potential clients. Be it a webinar video that they missed or a content piece that could be important to them or even project construction status, email marketing got a new meaning in the past few months, which was more thoughtful and apt than regular spam marketing mailers which often used to end up in the trash.

Technology marketing

One thing that has interested home buyers the most, is technological advancement. From virtual walk-throughs to aerial drone shots of the project site, the better the technology, the greater the chances of attracting buyers. As home buyers always want to see the neighborhood, the locality, and the façade, before they even look inside the property, these live drone shoots serve the purpose. Real estate brands are actually highlighting the community features through drone technology and promoting it on social media, to sell the lifestyle that the project offers. This strategy also saves a lot of time for buyers and sellers, alike.

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