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GST on maintenance charges to be 18% for flat owners paying over Rs 7,500

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Flat owners will have to pay GST on maintenance charges at a rate of 18%, if the same exceeds Rs 7,500 per month, the Finance Ministry has clarified

Flat owners will have to pay GST at 18%, if their monthly contribution to the residents’ welfare association (RWA) exceeds Rs 7,500, the Finance Ministry said, on July 22, 2019. As per the rules, RWAs are required to collect GST on monthly subscription/contribution charged from its members, if such payment is more than Rs 7,500 per flat per month and the annual turnover of RWA by way of supply of services and goods exceeds Rs 20 lakhs.

In a circular issued to field offices on how the RWA should calculate GST payable, the Finance Ministry said: “In case the charges exceed Rs 7,500 per month per member, the entire amount is taxable. For example, if the maintenance charges are Rs 9,000 per month per member, GST @18% shall be payable on the entire amount of Rs 9,000 and not on (Rs 9,000-Rs 7,500) = Rs 1,500,” it said.

On how the tax liability would be calculated for a person who owns two or more flats in the housing society or residential complex, the Ministry said in such cases the ceiling of Rs 7,500 per month per member shall be applied separately, for each residential apartment owned by him. The Ministry further clarified that RWAs are entitled to take input tax credit (ITC) of Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid by them on capital goods (generators, water pumps, lawn furniture, etc.), goods (taps, pipes, other sanitary/hardware fillings, etc.) and input services such as repair and maintenance services.

Source: https://housing.com/news/gst-real-estate-will-impact-home-buyers-industry

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