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E-challan status: Everything you need to know

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Here is a guide on how to check the e-challan status and pay e challan online through the official website of the traffic department in your state.
This is a far easier method of challan issuance and payment. It does not necessarily require the physical presence of the receiver in the office, and you can do an online challan check.

E Challan is the modern replacement for challans which used to be issued on paper. E Challan is issued based on the traffic rules violations caught in CCTV cameras. The licence plate number is noted, and the driver’s details are retrieved from it. Based on it, a message is sent to the driver for echallan online payment. You can also do a challan check online. This provides ease of access to both the people as well as traffic enforcers. This service is incorporated with portals such as Marathi.nic.in and parivahan.gov.in. It also provides an abundance of features that aims to make the life of the common person easier. E Challan services increase the overall efficiency of the transport department and also help save costs.

How to manage E Challan?

Check E Challan status

If you have been issued a traffic challan online and want to get e challan status, you can do so by visiting the official e challan website. You can also do an RTO challan status check. To do an e challan check, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website echallan.parivahan.gov.in
  • Select the option to check challan online in e challan services
  • A new page at echallan.parivahan.gov.in/index/accused-challan will be opened
  • Enter your details as required
  • Type in the captcha and proceed further
  • The echallan status will be displayed on the screen
  • You can now proceed to resolve your challan after payment at echallan parivahan.gov.in payment

How to pay E Challan?

You can pay challan online and offline. For the offline method, a person needs to visit the nearest police station to make payment against their challan. You can make e challan from any state or city. Whether it is e challan Pune, E-challan Odisha, e challan UP, TN e challan or e challan Delhi. For online e challan payment, follow these steps:

  • Visit the website of the traffic department of your state such as echallanpayment.gujarat.gov.in
  • Select the option for e challan under services
  • A new page will appear. Enter the challan number
  • Proceed and your challan details will be displayed
  • Now do the online challan payment through the options provided

How to register a complaint?

In case you are dissatisfied with anything during the process, you can raise a formal complaint. This will allow you to present your problem to the authorities and ensure swift resolution. To raise a complaint, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of e challan
  • Now select the option for complaint on the top right corner
  • A grievance form will be displayed
  • Here enter the details as asked in the form
  • Submit the form. Your complaint will now be formally lodged. Be sure to note your complaint number

Ways to prevent an E Challan issuance

Avoiding an e challan is very easy. A lot of drivers go through the years without a single issuance of a challan. The key is to stay consistent with the rules and regulations and constantly stay updated with the law. You can avoid e challans by keeping these simple steps in mind:

  • Read and understand all the laws and regulations before you start driving on the road
  • Follow the laws and regulations when driving on the road at all times
  • Maintain road discipline and follow traffic signals
  • Make sure you follow safety regulations at all times when driving

Benefits of E Challan

E challan has numerous benefits for both the traffic department as well as the drivers on the road.

  • Nationwide centralised information database
  • Connect the whole traffic department of the nation through a single framework
  • Complete digitalisation of the whole challan process and documentation
  • Better record-keeping
  • Online challan status for more transparency
  • Minimising the time and effort required to resolve a challan
  • Providing a platform for the information-driven implementation of laws
  • No frauds or phoney echallan online
  • Traffic challan online payment at any place, anytime
  • Save the time of police as well as the court
  • Easy blockade of services at RTO in case of non-payment

Consequences of not paying the E Challan

Non-payment of traffic e challan can lead to legal consequences for the driver. The person can be issued a court summons based on the address provided in the driving licence. An explanation will be demanded by the judge for a traffic rule violation and non-payment of e challan. The person will be asked to immediately pay the required amount after that. If your e challan is pending, the court can suspend the licence of the driver.

What to do in case of wrong E Challan?

E Challan is often issued when a person breaks traffic rules, and the action is captured by cameras. In such a case, the licence plate number of the vehicle is used to identify the driver and issue a challan. However, technology can sometimes make errors. In case the number is not read properly by the camera, there is a chance of e challan being issued to the wrong person. In case you have been issued an e challan but have not broken any rules, try to do these things.

  • Contact the traffic police and inform them regarding the wrong e challan
  • Send the traffic police an email regarding the matter and after verification, they will cancel the e challan
  • You are not liable to pay any fee when you need to get your e challan cancelled


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