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Coronavirus lockdown: 10 tips for a stress-free ‘stay at home’

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Staying at home has its own pros and cons. Some people may find it stressful, to manage a whole lot of work that was previously distributed among helpers and family members. Here are 10 tips to help you tide by the Coronavirus lockdown, without stress or anxiety

The Coronavirus lockdown has forced most people to stay indoors and our homes are suddenly full of people. There is office work to attend to and household chores, as well. Some of you may also be attending to seniors and young children. Suddenly, families that were used to part-time domestic help are having to do the extra work of cooking and cleaning. This demanding lifestyle is sure to cause stress. A key mantra to tackle such stress is to accept it and set a routine for yourself. Much of our anxiety is caused due to our inability to work around the option available to us. We give you 10 tips to stay focused, rejuvenated and feel happy at home.

1. Wake up to a lively routine

Keep stress at bay by firming up your timetable. Waking up to an uncertain day is far more strenuous than following a timetable. A routine keeps you relaxed, in the know of things and with ample time left for some ‘me-time’.

2. Watch what you eat

We are forced to lead an almost sedentary lifestyle. While you must do home exercises to keep yourself fit, you should also consider a diet that keeps you agile throughout the day. This may also be the best time to try your grandmother’s recipes that are healthy to eat and fun to cook. Refined sugar, factory-farmed dairy, processed food and wheat are among foods that will add to stress.

3. Involve everyone

By everyone, we mean every member of the family. In an unprecedented time such as this, every member should be involved in daily chores such as cooking, cleaning, dusting, washing the clothes, doing the dishes, etc. This is important, so that the lockdown is not stressful for a particular member in the family. Share the tasks, share the burden.

4. Maintain work timings

On a regular day, you would be following a fixed schedule. It is important to abide by a schedule, even while you work from home. Maintain fixed timings so that your professional life does not eat into family time and vice-versa. If you have taken a long break in between working hours, compensate for the lost time. However, there is absolutely no need to work round-the-clock, just because you are at home.

5. Pick up a skill

There are many online resources available, either free or at a nominal price. Use this time, rather the time you would have spent commuting, to read and learn. Skills may not always be job-related. You could also try your hand at gardening, cooking or even dance.

6. Train your mind to be positive 

When nothing else seems to be working, staying positive definitely will work. Try exercise, meditation, yoga or calming apps, to feel the difference. Try to make your home a place where constructive discussions happen. Avoid negativity in the house, be it in terms of negative talks, nagging, getting furious, etc. If there are young ones at home, this is the best time to teach them about staying in control of things, no matter what happens outside the home.

7. Keep your friends close

You must definitely take out time to connect with some new and old friends from college or work. This is the best time to catch up on memories and laugh.

8. A partner for everything

A partner could be your spouse, parents, siblings, your pet or your child. Spend adequate time with each and everyone. Nurture your relationship with people at home for a peaceful and happy time.

9. An organised approach is crucial

If you are structured, you have done well. Keep back things in their proper place, be it books, condiments, vessels, sewing kits, grocery, accessories, keys, etc. It will keep you organised and save you a lot of time. Going about looking for seemingly lost things can add to stress and anxiety.

10. Do not procrastinate

Do not leave things half-done or undone, simply because you are at home and have all the time to do it later. Work tends to pile on and you can never be sure about an unforeseen circumstance that will keep you from doing it at a later hour. Finish all that is on your plate and you will feel up-to-date and stress-free.

Source: https://housing.com/news/coronavirus-lockdown-10-tips-for-a-stress-free-stay-at-home

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