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Balcony garden ideas for Indian homes

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Discussed in this article are interesting balcony garden ideas and some important tips, to set up and nurture a garden on your balcony

For those who love greenery, the balcony is a wonderful space to nurture plants. A balcony garden can give some calm, hope and inner peace to homeowners, especially during troubled times like the present COVID-19 pandemic. With a bit of planning, one can easily set up a balcony garden filled with colourful flowers, fresh vegetables and green foliage. All you need, is some sunlight, soil, manure, sapling, water and a love for plants. So, here are some balcony garden design ideas for your home in India.

Balcony garden ideas in India: How to dedicate space for a small balcony garden?

Small balcony garden ideas for compact homes in India can be implemented if you first decide on how much space to dedicate for designing a balcony garden – whether to fill the entire balcony with pots and plants or to keep the garden in a small section of the balcony. Utilise space to the maximum, by removing all the clutter. Also, consider the weight that the balcony space can safely carry, to decide on the size and number of pots. Ensure that the balcony has proper waterproofing and drainage. If one dries clothes on the balcony, have a flexible partition from the ceiling to the floor, to separate it from the garden. Arrange the balcony furniture and the pots, such that there is adequate space to water the plants and to walk freely.

Small Balcony garden

Balcony garden ideas: How to choose plants for a balcony garden?

Incorporate a unique collection of plants in your balcony garden ideas, which will provide a breathtaking view while adding plenty of greenery to the space. Assess how many hours of direct sunlight the balcony receives and then, select sun-loving or shade-loving plants, accordingly. Also, if one lives on the higher floor and if the balcony is windy, avoid plants with thin stems that can bend easily. Balcony decoration with plants is easy and you have countless ways to achieve a stunning balcony. You can place flowering plants that will add vibrant colours to the space. Opt for plants with thick stems that can withstand the wind, such as succulents, crotons, bamboo, thyme, cacti, etc. One can also secure a trellis or windscreen to the side railings of your balcony, to shield the plants.

Balcony garden

Balcony garden ideas in India: How to choose balcony garden vegetables

If one is restricted for space, one can grow plants like tulsi, mint, curry leaves, lettuce, lemongrass, aloe vera, fenugreek, spinach, coriander, etc. For a small balcony, herb garden ideas work well. In India, these are commonly grown plants at home with great medicinal benefits and can be grown in small planters. If the balcony area can accommodate larger pots, one can grow larger fruit-bearing plants such as brinjal, tomato, beans, okra, etc. These are other popular plants for small balcony sizes in India.

Balcony garden design ideas

Vertical balcony garden ideas for homes in India

Planting vertically is the easiest way to maximise balcony space. Vertical gardens in balconies and green living walls are a huge trend in 2021. Even if one has a tiny balcony, one can create a green garden. There are different ways to create a balcony green wall. One can have various shaped vertical frames or planter stands. Depending on the budget and your choice, select metal trellis stands with a potholder or one can use a brightly painted wooden ladder, wooden panels or boards to place plants on them. Pothos, spider plants, fern and philodendrons can easily be grown. Hanging pots and planters on a metal grill on the balcony is another way to use the space. Even the ceiling can be turned green with a wrought iron grid fixed below the ceiling to put hanging plants for the balcony.

Balcony garden design

Pots and containers for balcony garden

Balcony planters today come in various shapes and sizes, in materials such as ceramic, terracotta, fibreglass, stone, wood and plastic. The pots need to complement the colour and size of the balcony and add visual interest. For a small balcony, opt for high and lean balcony garden planters that occupy less space. Bring your beautiful balcony garden ideas into reality by going for creative DIY flowerpots and planters. Balcony decoration with DIY flower pot ideas for plants will give a personal touch to the space. Repurpose items in your home, such as old food containers as seed trays and tin cans for seedlings or small plants. Instead of keeping all the pots in one place, arrange them in different areas of the balcony, or categorise them on the basis of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and plants. Ensure that the planters have a hole, to let the excess water out.

Balcony gardening ideas for Indian homes

Balcony garden accessories

Besides balcony decoration with plants and beautiful flowerpots, there are other outdoor accessories that can elevate the beauty of your small balcony. Make the balcony space more appealing with wind chimes, bells, glass danglers, or lanterns across the ceiling of the balcony. Paint the balcony wall in a bright colour. Use mosaic, geometric flooring or even faux grass to make it appear like a green lawn. Faux grass is also an excellent terrace design idea for homes in India. Choose tones and textures of the furnishings, wooden furniture, terracotta pots or marble pots with meenakari work, to create a relaxed feel. You can add a bright parasol, or garden props such as a colourful toadstool, ducks, butterflies or a birdhouse, for a DIY balcony garden. Place pots on a saucer with small colourful pebbles in it to enhance the beauty of the pots.

Balcony gardening ideas for Indian homes

Balcony garden lighting ideas

Give your balcony decoration with plants and accessories a magnificent look using lighting options to will illuminate the space. To enjoy the balcony space at night, illuminate it with soothing lights. There is a wide range of lighting options to choose from, including garden lanterns, wall sconces, paper lamps, LED lamps, colourful, twinkling budget-friendly fairy lights that can be draped on the railings and more.

Balcony gardening ideas for Indian homes

Balcony garden seating ideas

Opt for creative seating options in the balcony area. One can have hammocks and swing seats, hanging bubble chairs or cocoon seats. Keep a bench for those quiet morning breakfasts and romantic conversations. Small balconies require compact furniture – so slim tables and chairs or simple foldable chairs are perfect. Also one can make floor seating with bold geometric outdoor rugs and vibrant cushions.

Balcony gardening ideas for Indian homes

Useful tips for your balcony garden design ideas

  • Do not let water stagnate on the balcony, as it can turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • The right mix of soil will help the plants to grow well. So, use regular soil, compost, coir peat and vermicomposting, in equal proportions.
  • If space permits and you have a big balcony garden, place a Buddha idol and candle stands in a corner, to create a meditation space or yoga corner.
  • An earthen bowl filled with water lilies or small portable water fountains can be a great addition.
  • Add colourful flowers in the garden space like rose, periwinkle, hibiscus, pansies, adenium, etc.
  • Certain plants have a delicate scent and are easy to grow in pots. Plants like jasmine, mint, Champa, rosemary and raat rani will fill your home with fragrance.


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