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2021 trends for windows and doors

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The fenestration market recovered quite well post-pandemic due to their robust R&D.

Everyone dreams of a home, that ultimate place that gives a sense of security and safety. Various components add life to a home. Prime among them are windows and doors. Windows and doors are the main channels that help to absorb the energies coming from the surroundings. They not only act as energy receptors but also add beauty to the decors.

Impact on Covid-19 on doors and windows market

The impact of the coronavirus has been adverse across industries, and the same is true of the doors and window market. The pandemic came as an alarming call for the doors and windows market, demanding change in the manufacturing operations, technology, and sustainable plans. However, the fenestration market recovered quite well post-pandemic due to their robust R&D.

Fenestration market in 2021

The trend has changed with the introduction of elegant and stylish uPVC and Aluminium fenestration in the market. The arrival of uPVC has changed the landscape of the doors and windows market forever. Nevertheless, both products are a necessity. There is no doubt uPVC in terms of performance is better than aluminum available in India. Of course, there are systems in aluminum also which are available worldwide, and they are innovative which are at par performance of uPVC. However, in such a scenario, aluminum is probably three times the cost of the current uPVC in India.

What is uPVC?

uPVC is a product that is primarily door and window products. The fenestration market is enormous and offers a wide range of uPVC profiles like traditional, contemporary, and classic. These designs vary according to the home space. The uPVC doors and windows not only add an aesthetic value to the room but also bring various features. The fenestrations remain unaffected from the harsh environmental conditions and keep the living space dust-free, termite-free, and monsoon resistant. The windows come with elegant customized designs that include Bay windows, Sliding windows, Villa windows & casement windows.

The casement windows come with a European design, they are suitable for all kinds of buildings. Its hard quality makes it maintenance-free for years. The stand-out factor that has made uPVC a talk in town is the improved quality of vinyl its durability and toughness of the uPVC increases when mixed with glass.

Aluminum windows and doors

When it comes to aluminum windows and doors, it is one of those materials that has been a favorite among builders, architects, and end-users alike. Aluminum systems are majorly used for the exterior of office buildings and other major construction projects. In modern architecture, aluminum facades are very popular because of their different uses. People were once shy of installing all aluminum windows and doors throughout their home because they thought they only came in one style and color. Luckily for the homeowner, the industry has made great strides in being able to customize the color and style of aluminum doors and windows, so they can be tailored to complement the existing décor.

The past decade has witnessed exceptional growth in the Indian real estate sector, as urbanization, construction of smart cities, and changing lifestyles have increased the lifestyle of uPVC- and Aluminium-made doors and windows.

The future of the global door and window market is promising as it will grow by 8-10% by 2025. The influencers for this market are new constructions, renovations, and rising consumer demands for impact-resistant doors and windows. Growth in the Indian market by the end of 2025 will reach around US$180 million. Market expansion is expected to be consistent in the long term due to the shortage of household units in the country. The government’s plan to develop smart cities and affordable housing will provide acceleration in the door and window market. The integration of technology with elegance will create opportunities for the new manufacturers to enter the market hence, we will witness a massive expansion in this sector in the coming years.


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